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Buying the prefect domain name is most tough decision. a branded domain can help you build a brand that will give you more business and help define your business target Market. Whenever coming with a branded business nad domain name can be the most challenging task of starting online business.

Let’s dive in.

Why Are Domain Names So Important

When any reader or customer starting type the domain name in browser if your domain name is short, branded, easy, memorable and unique than the reader or customer will type in browser url section if your domain name is not branded, longer, unmemorable than the reader go to search engine.

Your visitor will see your website first look in form of domain. The branded domain can type confidence and the wrong one can cause alarm. your online business depend on your domain name. the branded domain name and domain extension may be a factor of Search ranking, algorithm, helping you rank high in search term engines like Google and Bing.

so now you know the domain name why is important?

Select perfect domain name for your blog

1. Choose a Dot.Com TLD

Today available many new domain extensions but .com is always unique extension if it’s available. If not, consider others, however be mindful that individuals looking for you could find yourself at a competitor’s site. Keep in mind go always with professional domain don’t go with brand new cheaper extensions as they don’t look professional.

we all time going with in fever of dot com domain. Whereas it may be tempting to provide you with intelligent blog names buying new extensions, a .com area remains to be probably the most Powerful and credible domain extension. Newer domain extensions like .ninja or .web may be untrustworthy.

The most memorable domain name is Dot-com. Many customers, particularly those that aren’t as tech-savvy, will routinely sort “.com” on the top of each domain with out thinking about it.

In case your site is one thing like Good.Photography, and your customers accidentally type in, they are going to find yourself on an error web page on It’s sensible to keep away from low cost domain that threat by sticking with .com.

To not point out, most sensible Mobile Phone keyboards routinely have a .com button.

2. Keywords use

Keyword is important for your domain that related to your blog or brand name or niche. for example if you have mobile repair business should you use the business niche in your domain.

Keyword include in your domain when people enter in search for your product or services that help to improve search ranking (which increase your website or blog traffic) and just make more trustable to your customers.

3. Keep it short

Keep your domain name short and easy. incase domain name is long and complex, you risk customers mistyping.

The best way keep your domain under 10 characters. Longer domains are harder for your users to remember.

That’s why choose your domain length short.

4. Make it easy to type

Choose your domain name that’s easy to type critical to online success. if you use (v instead of We) or Word with different spellings (Xpress vs Express). it might not be easy for your customers to search your site.

5. Keep it  branded and unique

if you want your business success online. your domain or blog name must be unique that make you unique from others. you will stand out in your reader minds. the reader are smarts to search other blogs in your area or niche and find out what they are used.

you don’t use a trademarked domain name or get accused of illegal or copying another blogger or business.

always choose a domain name that’s Unique, brandable and memorable for example: more brandable and memorable as to compare with

6. Target your area

For local business consider including the city or country in your domain to make it easy for local customer to find and remember. Example:

7. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Never use Number and hyphens in domain name. Number and hyphens sign of spam domain. which you don’t want to be related to. You don’t wish to give the fallacious impression to potential Reader or customer. The reader or customer don’t know if you are sing a number 5 or it is spelled out five or the don’t write dash in domain name.

Number and Hyphenated domains are additionally susceptible to typos. In case you select a website title with Number and hyphens as a result of the area you need is already taken, your customers will find yourself at your competitor’s website in the event that they overlook to kind within the hyphens.

8. Be memorable

Every day registered thousands of domain names. You having domain name that easily memorable is essential. When ever you choose your domain name you must share with your friend and family member to make sure it appealing and make sense to others.

Quick solution: Should you need great idea for your domain? Register your name today and buy your domain and start your website before some one buy before you.

9. Research it

Before purchasing domain name you make sure the name is not a trademarked, Copyright or being used by an other one.

Don’t forget to research before buying the domain. The world most popular domain name Bluehost has use large data that make analyse million of domain names. Try out bluehost domain to understand the value of your domain, your name is your business.

10. Try Tools for domain selection

If you don’t have to time find a great domain name for your blog, no worries, the internet resource are available.

Find perfect domain name with help of domain selection tools like DomianBot or NameMesh can help you find that prefect domain. But remember to adhere to the advice above when using these tools.


Domain name is a place where is your business online. Just as in real estate, location matters. Having a domain that clearly defined your user and the Google who you are and what you will do establish your brand online. Don’t just pick a domain; take some time and choose the right domain for your business.



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